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How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos (Free Webinar Link)

19-YEAR-OLD ENTREPRENEUR MATT PAR has released a free training that shows his 3 Step Turn Key Method for starting and growing a hyper successful YouTube channel. 
 Matt Par is a young Youtube business visionary who runs 9 YouTube channels where he pays others to make the recordings for him. He’s already earned the prestigious gold play button award from YouTube for hitting over 1 million subscribers on one channel and multiple silver play buttons for
reaching 100,000 subscribers on various other Youtube channels. 
He’s been doing this for over 5 years and now has it down to what he calls
his “secret formula” system to build new channels. 

Now he wants to teach you what he has learned through trial and error.   Youtube is a gold mine these days. 
Over 1.3 billion viewers visit daily.
It can also be confusing and overwhelming. 

Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube per minute. 

It’s knowing how to drive such massive traffic numbers your way that can
make a world of difference.  T…
How tired of we of staying inside?  How much to we miss interaction with others?  We all miss it and we’re all (ironically in a way) tired of sitting on our couch.  
Yet, we must.  For our own good, our lives, the lives of those around us and indeed the “normal” world we all miss.  In the mean time, what can we do at home?  We’ll get to that.
First, you’re not  in self-isolation or are thinking you’ve had it up to here, then here’s a reminder for you.
Transmission of the coronavirus is incredibly easy.  We’re told by some specialists that the infection can survive on surfaces for as long as three days without disinfecting. This is our invisible enemy. This is why we must be hyper-vigilant throughout our day so as not to carry the virus to another location.  Pay attention please!  It’s about the others not just you!
The models for what occurred in China and what's going on right now in the United States, Italy and Spain are sobering. Social distance of six feet is vastly important and …
I have sad news to share. sorry to do this online. Jamie “Tim” Paris passed at 55, Monday Feb 17. They think at this point it was a heart attack. We are all in shock and I don’t know anything else about it at this point.  I will update when I learn details.  He is survived by his wife, DeeDee, and his two (adult) children, Teague and Brett, his father who was living with them, and his 3 brothers.  He had no known health issues.  It was in the afternoon at work and he said he wasn’t feeling well, said someone should call 911 and shortly after passed out. He never woke up. We all know he touched a lot of people and brought joy to many.  As DeeDee says, he lived a short life, but he lived a good life.  If you want to send a note, the Paris family is at 2535 Village, Oshkosh, WI 54904.
As I mentioned I don’t know much more at this time. Please do not post this news publicly yet.  However feel free to let friends know who aren’t on this thread and to add them to this thread.
Claire & Anna
At what age did Anna & Claire first meet?  Was it young(er) love right away? Just platonic? Let’s develop a story... Was the relationship twix Claire & Anna ‘open’ for other relationships?  Is this the fact of Claire having someone else (and being ‘in love’) totally new or a pattern? Have they had other relationships (male or female) on the side…? The Chintzy world:  Did Anna’s parents have chintz in their house? Did Anna’s past man (husband?) like chintz? Did Claire know about the role of chintz in Anna’s life? How long Was Claire gone?  Where did she go and with whom? How long has she been back in town and for how long has Anna known about her return?

Claire & Maid Has Claire met/seen this maid, Catherine, before at Anna’s? Is Claire attracted to Catherine? 
Anna & Maid
 We’ve talked about this -- but again, how long has Catherine been there? And how did she get the maid position at Anna’s? How l
Remember that in the end you want to own around 15 - 30 stocks.  
Diversification and balance or going to help you weather economic storms.  (albeit it seems safe to say that we are in the very early days of a tsunami bigger than anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes.  Proceed at your own risk.  Think ahead and plan as best you can.
If it’s a strong stock (for whatever reasons you determine), you might get more.  But usually not a good idea to go beyond 20% of your portfolio in any one stock.  You want diversity to balance things out.  Most often you’re going to want around 2-7% in ONE specific stock.  (Only a very small handful of really strong stocks will go beyond this if you want to hold diversity and balance)
This is why is a good idea to have a base of stocks and keep track of percentages of what they represent in your portfolio.  
When you increase the cash value of your portfolio -- add money to it, then these percentages become great guide posts for maneuvering through your equity…
Garlic is an exceptionally basic food that has been used forever in numerous kitchens all over the world.. But while it has been used mostly to season food, it has additionally been used in home remedies for years. And there’s one particularly unusual ancient use that you have probably need heard of and that will get to in just a moment.
Since garlic is such an adaptable ingredient, it has numerous beneficial characteristics. 
Garlic has been used to season dishes, get rid of pests, and even play into superstitions such as warding off vampires. However we choose to use it, we know that garlic is a very potent food and it can be beneficial for your health in various ways. 
Garlic as a food is high in calories, up to 100 calories for each 100 grams. 
Nonetheless, nobody genuinely eats that much garlic so you’re not going to see people put on weight from eating garlic alone. Garlic has both complex starches and proteins that both improve your physical performance and mental wellness. 
Garlic …
5 Surprising Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar
People don’t just use it for making salad dressings or even cleaning!  We’re going to explore 5 uses of one of the most versatile items on your kitchen shelf --   Most popular uses may even be in your bathroom!  It’s all Coming up next!
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You can find it in any supermarket as it's a common household ingredient but But for centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used for health and beauty 

It’s been shown that apple cider vinegar can kill germs, kill viruses, reduce swelling, kill funguses, treat the common cold, reduce muscle pain, assist in diabetes, reduce arthritis pain, help with Weight Control issues, and even reduce high cholesterol. Check with your doctor as many of the health compounds we will Explore are controversial. But nonetheless, widely discussed. 
We can look as far back as 400 BC when hippocrates,  the father of Medicine, used apple cider vinegar as a treatment for his patients.
apple cider vinegar is…