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How To Make Money On YouTube Without Making Videos (Free Training Link)

19-YEAR-OLD ENTREPRENEUR MATT PAR has released a free training that shows his 3 Step Turn Key Method for starting and growing a hyper successful YouTube channel. 

 Matt Par is a young Youtube business visionary who runs 9 YouTube channels where he pays
others to make the recordings for him.
FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

He’s already earned the prestigious gold play button award from YouTube for
hitting over 1 million subscribers on one channel and multiple silver play buttons for
reaching 100,000 subscribers on various other Youtube channels. 

He’s been doing this for over 5 years and now has it down to what he calls
his “secret formula” system to build new channels. 

Now he wants to teach you what he has learned through trial and error.  
Youtube is a gold mine these days.  There really is a lot of room there for anyone to make money.
Over 1.3 billion viewers visit daily.
It can also be confusing and overwhelming. 

Over 300 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube per minute. 
It’s knowing how to drive such massive traffic numbers your way that can
make a world of difference.  That is precisely what Par has laid out.  
There is literally so much room for traffic that sharing this cookie-cutter
formula with the masses does not exclude his already established
channels from viewers. 

In his free training Par goes over his simple 3-step process for getting started and nourishing
your site to the point of substantial capitalization. 
Par’s 9 channels bring his average income of $30,000 MONTHLY.

Overview of The Process
Matt separates the whole procedure of beginning new effective YouTube
channels without any preparation into three simple steps. 
The Beta Phase, The Intermediate Phase, and the Scaling Phase. 
He uses this formula each time he creates a channel and
goes over this in his training.  Here’s a look at each stage.
FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos
The Beta Phase
As indicated by Matt, the Beta Phase including picking your specialty,
or what your YouTube channel will be about, and making a rundown of 33 video ideas.
This is actually easier than it sounds. He reveals tools that help and further prescribes doing
catchphrase research to discover low rivalry
and high pursuit volume watchwords to set his channels
up for progress. He says this gets beginning footing for the channel,
and afterward the objective is to inevitably use this pursuit traffic to
get traffic from proposed recordings. 
The Intermediate Phase 
After you've picked your specialty and arranged your initial 33 recordings,
then it's an ideal opportunity to really make the recordings.
Regardless of whether you record the recordings yourself or you pay others
to make the recordings for you like Matt does - using a cut and paste method,
Par suggests making your videos to be around 10 minutes in length to get higher
watch time which is a basic positioning variable in the YouTube algorithm.
FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos
Once you’ve uploaded your first 33 videos, now Matt says it’s time to analyze
and optimize based off of your statistics. You can actually check your stats in the
analytics that YouTube itself provides you. Matt Par says to see what works
and what doesn’t and double down on what works.
And once you start monetizing your channel, you can actually pay other people to
make the videos for you like Matt does. Par says he’d never be able to
run 9 different channels if he didn’t have other people making the videos for him.
If you’re interested in starting a Youtube channel and want one that is fruitful and monetized,
click here to sign up for his free webinar where he covers his system.  
In his free training webinar, Matt Par covers some of the best

and most profitable niches on Youtube and how to make a ton of content incredibly fast. 

And best of all, he’ll show you exactly what you need to know to

make sure that your videos get views and your channel qualifies for Youtube monetization.


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