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How to Monetize YouTube Channel

There’s a young man in California who is at the forefront of a new way
to make money with a YouTube
and he’s showing everyone how to do the same with a free training.

Before entrepreneur Matt Par was even in high school he was cutting his
teeth on Youtube channel creation. 

He started cutting and pasting other people's videos together to form his own content, then used his phone and squeaky young voice to record voice overs and upload his creations to Youtube. 
FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos
All of this was done while he was still
in elementary school. 
Soon, he had carved out a method of creating youtube channels
while never showing his face.  He
started getting views and some of his videos
went viral.  He took time to figure out the anatomy of the viral videos and
how he could make more that could go viral.
Youtube eventually took note of all his views and granted him the coveted Youtube partnership where the channel creators get share revenue of the ads running on their channel. 

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos 
This inspired him to create even more channels using his newly formed
Things started to snowball for him.
By the time he was in high school Matt Par was making $9000 a month,
more than his parents
and their adult friends. 
While students were doing homework and soul searching for a career,
Par spent
his time dissecting Youtube's
algorithms and improving upon his game. 
You might say that he was a
young Youtube Jedi.
FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos
Today, barely past high school, Par has sharpened his skills and crafted his turn-key system for running multiple Youtube channels that are profitable.

FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos
He has other people do the heavy lifting for him and he just comes up with the originating idea.
It’s a digital assembly line. To hear him talk about it is really something else.
The idea of making money with
Youtube and creating videos without ever showing
your face is not new, but it does seem to be a trend that is taught.
But Par has broken it down
to a step-by-step method,
one that he himself uses
over and over to this day.
In fact, today he runs 9 Youtube channels and earns over $30,000 a month. 
The secret, as he explains, is that his method allows him to set the groundwork for a channel and then pay others to run it with a portion of the revenue.  
This may sound outlandish,
but it’s real, he’s not the only one doing this.
Par has created
a free one-hour training on the topic
If you’re curious about this and
want more information about it,
I would highly recommend the training webinar
It’s completely free and he goes into
details about this methodology
and how to rinse and repeat as he has.
The free training is also a marketing opportunity for him to sell his course and mentorship covering this in even greater detail.

With his course you can actually watch over his should as he works and
walks you through this system.  
Further, this course includes
membership to his private Facebook group. 

This is perhaps one of the biggest
values of his course.
The group is full of new students
each holding various levels of
experience for beginner to not so beginner. 
They are very active and answer questions
and give advice all under the
continuous eye of Par who likewise
participates daily. 

The only way to get in this private
group is to take his course.
Understand, you don’t NEED this
training to do YouTube.
You can explore and possibly figure
out some of what he offers
on your own.
But maybe not all of it. You see, he's been doing this since he was in grade school.
He's been very successful at getting a new channel off the ground
and getting
it monetized by YouTube. He's done it at least 9 times. (more actually).
But the point is, it has taken him years of trial and error.
Why not learn from his experience and short-cut the process for yourself and
start making money quicker?

So taking the course can save you a lot of time and hassle,
and most likely get you to the point of making money much quicker
than on your own.
Either way, the free webinar is where you should start
There's no cost and your
surely find secret gems you hadn't
even thought about
before in channel creation.
Discover his method and watch his training. 
He gives away some knowledge gems
if you want to start a YouTube channel.
Get some good insight on how to do
things yourself and then make an
informed decision about getting his further help.
His support and teaching is
You’ll find the free sign up for his webinar here.  You can watch the webinar live or on replay whenever you choose.
If you do take his YouTube training course, here’s an overview of what is
included in his teaching modules:   
FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

Module 1 Choosing a Niche
This module teaches you how to find a profitable niche that is worthy of monetization and, importantly, of interest for you. 
FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos

Module 2 How to Set Up Your Channel For Success
He explains his “Rule of 33” and unveils what he calls the best Youtube tool ever developed.  The module also shows his secret keyword process and strategy for getting the most of Youtube analytics.  
Not to be ignored, this is his very own secret sauce developed through years
of trial and error.
This may well be the most important element of the entire course.
Module 3 Making and Uploading Videos
Here Par shows how to make the videos, which by the way, is most surprising and not how you would expect.  
He also includes an insightful video on the keys on the complete anatomy of
a viral video (he has over 70 videos of million+ views).  He also unveils a free video editing system and why he likes it.  
This module is most impressive.
As he explains the why’s of his method, you’ll start to realize that this “kid” i
s wise beyond his years.  
He’s not just articulate; he’s very bright and able to synthesize Youtube
analytics better than others.
The next module is about growing your YouTube channel and understanding how to read the analytics, what points to pay attention to and how to adjust.  As I said, he’s very good at this.
He shows how a few small tweaks can make all the difference between a few
video views and going viral. 
FREE TRAINING: How To Make Money on Youtube WITHOUT Recording Videos
Besides Youtube’s ad review sharing program, Par  goes into detail about other
ways to make money with videos such as selling merch and digital products.
Next he has an entire video on how to scale your channel, create your own
virtual assembly line that keeps it running and gives you the time to expand
into other channels as you desire.
The course gives you all the tools you need to create a successful Youtube
channel today as well as the top niches to focus on.
But as I mentioned, possibly the best place within the course to grow,
expand and get the most out of it is through his Facebook group which is active
If you want if you are interested in starting a YouTube channel and want one
that is fruitful and monetized, it’s worth signing up for his free training, and
very possibly worth more time with Par.


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